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Marilola Wili at Amore

Product of the performance “DOES IT MATTER WHAT I DO”

handmade carpet, sheep's wool leftovers, hand-dyed.

Witness n* 1 of the performance “DOES IT MATTER WHAT I DO”

Black and white aluminum print, 37.5 cm x 50 cm

Marilola Wili at Amore

Witness n* 2 of the performance “DOES IT MATTER WHAT I DO”

Black/white aluminum print, 75cm x 100cm

Marilola Wili at Amore

Transcribed conversation in the Valens rehabilitation clinic.

P: Patient, approximately 70 years old, male read voice
T: Therapist, about 40 years old, female read voice

P now I'm not so sure... am I in the right place? Well, now I'll come to you
T what strikes them as funny
P yes, I fractured my pelvis

P now I have to learn to walk again
P and I think so... what can I say
Another patient: knitting doesn't help? hahahaha T hahahaha
P yeah it doesn't help that much...

T from experience, we have a holistic approach to rehabilitation. That means on the one hand it is very important that we actively get the muscles and the musculoskeletal system going again and on the other hand it is also so that we need time where the whole thing can work where I have some rest and yes where I can do it again a bit can come and do something for themselves. What you call a hobby in everyday life or a passion that you can pursue according to your own perseverance and rhythm... exactly

P yes... I don't know.. hihi... I don't imagine it that way

Well, you're not alone there, we know that, of course we know such reactions, right? But nonetheless

P later I have rehabilitation block T yes exactly
P these are exercises around

P to learn to walk again
T exactly
P I take this need very seriously

P: that helps and
T they get that too P I think that's important

Yes exactly. As I said, this is the supplementary offer and we know why we offer it in the clinic, but of course we don't force anyone to undergo therapy if the patient doesn't agree, right? that's quite clear, huh?

P yes i..

T if you like you should try it out, you can just be there, look at it, yes? and maybe something appeals to her in some form, yes? maybe not. and then you can decide for yourself if you want to continue or if you don't want to continue, yes?

So honestly

Yes, always, please

I don't see the purpose


P I didn't have a single session this morning. I am here


P um really like that


P as soon as possible


P close that again


rehabilitate P

Yes yes

P I feel like progress is a bit slow in this regard, so I can't stand on my left leg

P although that actually is

P happened a month ago
Yes yes
P and before I know
P now really not what that
Do you have the feeling that you don't get enough of the other therapies? P yes
So that's it
P yes, that's definitely the case

T that's actually it! I'll look at your therapy plan, huh? how many therapies you have, huh?, because this therapy that you have here now doesn't take away anything else, yes?, it's always just supplementary, yes?

P yes that's clear

T hmm, I think it's more because the dog is buried that you feel you don't get enough therapy in physical therapy, hmm?

P Yes this morning, for example, the whole morning was nothing
P and now I'll start with my problem, as I see it, anyway T yes
P doesn't have much in common
T well, the plans are of course always very well coordinated, right?
P already clear

Well, maybe you can discuss it again with the patient coach, right? And if you have the feeling that you don't get enough of the others, you simply report back. Is it good?

P who is my eeeehhh...
T patient coach? Now I have to take a look...

T hmm, ok, good! You have your rehab package this afternoon at 3 p.m., right? P exactly
T and that's sort of the activating thing, right?
P yes

T exactly and this is just supplementary, huh?

T and if you say you want the other more or you don't want something in the prescription, then I'll pass it on....right?, and pass it on to the patient coach, you can also discuss it with him again

P yeah, I'd actually like to talk to the coach, so...

T Yes

P...I have...

Well, you always get that anyway, right, it's always here at least once a week, right?

P hmm
T exactly and I can also pass it on, that's no problem.....right? Is it good? P yes, as far as I know, I have never had until now.
T mmm
P now I'm here for two weeks
P I haven't had a meeting with my coach yet
T or with ner, it can also be ne CoachIN
P no no *chuckle*
T hmm, right?
P no, that's clear.
T mhm?
P no, no... but I haven't received a meeting yet

P just, now I think that.... That doesn't suit me!

Well then, good! Then I just pass it on. Is it good?

P yes, sure

T hmm, ok

P but then....yes, then there is now a replacement, right?

T now they would have a creative group and of course there is no substitute for it, that's clear. It's not even planned...

P yes, yes

T you can just say you want to go now or you want to stay..... and look at it again, you can decide that, right?

p ok
T is that good?
P yes, I don't really want to be here.
T mmm
P then better go back to the room
Well, then I'll let the patient attendant know and he'll get them, right? P yes
T is that good?
P yes
T hm... just... right?


Video/text installation, smartphone recordings from the months the artist suffered from Longcovid (October 2020 to July 2021).

Marilola Wili at Amore
Marilola Wili at Amore
Marilola Wili at Amore


A selection from the Sudoku series that the artist solved for people or issues with which she wanted to remain connected and assist. The entire series was resolved during the months the artist was suffering from Longcovid (October 2020 to July 2021).

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