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Like the mycelium contaminated the bodies, and now through this

Nervous system activates the stimuli to get out in the deep intestines

Reinforced concrete in the undergrowth of the window displays pleasantly strolling along

to lose. Driven by need and satisfaction.

In the clean, air-conditioned air, your thoughts rush through euphorically

the undergrowth of limited possibilities. The objects of desire

appear like hypnagogic hallucinations.

In the far distance the excited chatter of the machine elves, eager to hear

the sweet energy: Hours of senseless self-realization in exchange

against transmogrified good.

Finally a clearing. A glimpse of the firmament, also here

the LED stars shine in the marble sky. Water gushes gently into the

Spawning pools of lust, they soothe the burgeoning

Paranoia, the mental rigidity. Ice cold manipulator.

The exhilaration is slowly fading, cutting in the synthetic light

the sharp contours of the AutoCad Egesta deep in the mind. the

omnipresent surveillance revealed, electric eyes dissimulated

in architecture, patrolling humanoid predators with

their plastic bats and Gymfit muscle proteins. Poisoned security.

Trapped in the roots of illusions.

Escape results in return.


Text: Miro Aron

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